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Providing Transparency to Reshape the Perception of the Prosecutor

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This webinar will explore how transparency can be developed to help prosecutors analyze prosecution data and enhance trust with the community through transparency and accountability. We will discuss with King County WA and Yolo County CA how they inform the public, government decision makers, and criminal justice system partners about the trajectory of criminal cases — including crime trends that are affecting their community and detailed case statistics pertaining to referrals, charging, diversion, and sentencing decisions.


During our time together you will hear from the following presenters:

Bill Ring, County Attorney, Coconino County, AZ and NDAA Board Member

David Baker, Data Analytics Manager, King County, WA

Jeff Reisig, District Attorney, Yolo County, CA

Race and Ethnicity Statistics in King County WA

The Commons data portal allows people from every part of our county to have instant access to accurate information about our local criminal justice system. Let's use this transparency and open data to facilitate new conversations and drive the best possible outcomes for the people of our community. 

Jeff Reisig, District Attorney, Yolo County, Woodland, CA